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Light Auto Repair


More than Just Oil Changes

Minimize down-time and save valuable hours lost to having to come into a shop for light vehicle repairs. Our CurbTek Mechanics come to you and service your vehicle(s) when and where you need it.

Contact us for more details on how we can be on-call to service your fleet’s repair needs.


Light Auto Repair Services


Check Engine Lights

The Check Engine Light can mean a wide array of things. From simple to an emergency. If the light is blinking the issue is serious and should be addressed immediately.


Brakes / Rotors / Calipers

Key indicators that it's time to have your vehicle’s braking system inspected include high pitched squeals, vehicle vibration or vehicle pulling to one side when braking.


Belts / Hoses

If your vehicle encounters a loss of power, squealing and grinding noises or if you feel vibrations, “slips” or “catching” you should have your belts and hoses inspected.


Battery Testing / Replacement

CurbTek can test and replace your current battery if your vehicle doesn’t start, your battery light is illuminated or electrical components are not working.

Plus the additional cost of the battery.


Electrical Systems

The basic components of your electrical system include the battery, alternator and starter. This system impacts many features of most vehicles including safety features and should be addressed immediately.



Different vehicles require different types of bulbs. Listed price includes the replacement of Headlight / Tail Light / License Plate Light Halogen bulbs. LED and HID bulbs will have to be quoted based on vehicle.

Exceptions / Limitations may apply.



Your vehicle’s heating system integrates several other systems on your vehicle including antifreeze, the water pump, thermostat and others. Any of these could lead to issues heating your vehicle.



The driveline of your vehicle is a combination of driveshafts, axles, wheels, differentials and joints. If you are having trouble steering the vehicles, it needs to be inspected immediately.



A tune-up can include a wide array of services depending on the vehicle ranging from the replacing of filters, spark plugs, belts, hoses and many other things.


Tire Repair

Tire plugs are intended to be a temporary fix. While it is safe to drive with a plugged tire, it is only safe for a short amount of time.