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Fleet Preventative Maintenance

It's important to keep your vehicles running smooth. A vehicle down or being serviced is equal to lost revenue. CurbTek works during your downtime to ensure your vehicles are fully available during business hours.

Zero Downtime 

By having CurbTek come to you, you're not wasting time in the middle of the day servicing vehicles when you should be working with customers.

Increase ROI

When a vehicle is taken to get serviced you lose money. You're having to pay your employee as well as you miss out on valuable billable hours. Not with CurbTek.

Flexible scheduling

CurbTek is available to service your Fleet outside of normal operating hours. Early mornings, evenings or weekends are well within our capabilities.


Extend Vehicle life

Being certain that your fleet is being serviced routinely helps to maximize the use of each vehicle. 

Keep employees focused

By allowing CurbTek to maintain your fleet your employees can focus on what they do best; servicing your customers.


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