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CurbTek Partner

The Beaird Tower

We’ve teamed up to offer on-site vehicle maintenance services for the Beaird Tower. Take a look at the services we’ll be offering. No need to waste your lunch breaks or personal time servicing your vehicle. Just Park It, Leave It, and then Pick It Up when it’s done.

(After clicking link above, click “sign up” and you’ll see full list of services.)


Oil Changes

CurbTek focuses on providing convenient, fast and environmentally safe services when and where you want them. Our oil changes and related services are done right on-site where it’s most convenient. You can get your car serviced while you work or when ever is most convenient for you. If you miss us, you can always book a service online for a location that works for you!


Park It. Leave It. Pick it up.

Just park your vehicle in the designated CurbTek service area (alley behind the building), meet our technician at the scheduled time to drop off your keys, then we’'ll alert you when it’s ready for pick up. It’s fast, convenient, AND eco-friendly so that you don’t have to skip a beat.


Additional Services

We also provide a whole list of other services that you can add on at the time of your oil change, including exterior car wash, wiper blade replacement, tire rotation and more! So while you have us, take advantage of these convenient add-ons.



Keep an eye out for us on these upcoming dates: